I’ve done something disturbing in Roblox...

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преди 26 дни

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Today I play my new favorite Roblox mystery horror game ever called Severance it’s genuinely so amazing

cartoon cat the sketcher
cartoon cat the sketcher преди 26 минути
Everything is like piggy except the...
cartoon cat the sketcher
cartoon cat the sketcher преди 30 минути
This is too scary
Redark Ex
Redark Ex преди 2 часа
damn, when it shows the girl on the bed it gives me goosebumps
Mango and Friends
Mango and Friends преди 9 часа
Me when I watch a scary movie: runs as fast as I can when I turn the downstairs light off before darkness consumes my soul*
RileyGameZZZ преди 13 часа
I was watching and when jumpscare was scary and jumpy I was putting ice near my eyes and when the scary jumpscare scared me I accidentally shoved the ice in my eye..it’s stuck
Pink_Croissant преди 20 часа
Fun fact, irl a man had a vision of marrying a certain women. He found her, but she was very sick. He lied and said he was a doctor that could cure her. So they married, but unfortunately the women passed. The man bought a grave you could walk into. He then removed her body and kept her for years in his home TREATING HER LIKE HIS WIFE!!!! This actually happened, I dont know what its called but the photos for the police investigation is disgusting and disturbing.
Xiemgreen シ
Xiemgreen シ преди ден
When clair jump scared I just stared 💀 did jump didn’t flinch just stared
I’m gay
I’m gay преди ден
Green screen man
Scp -173
Scp -173 преди ден
Skrrt преди ден
I was petting my cat, then when the jumpscare came I almost ripped my cat in half..
John Elton Gadiana
John Elton Gadiana преди 2 дни
I just finished eating but that jumpscare make me throwout
Ash-chan ✓
Ash-chan ✓ преди 2 дни
"Everything's fine." *clown laugh* *"FINE-"*
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin преди 3 дни
"my mother left me" -Albert
Ez Laura
Ez Laura преди 3 дни
Play melvin
Luna28 Spark
Luna28 Spark преди 3 дни
I didn't like when the face was scary like thAat it WAS SOoOOOOOOoooooOOOooOOOoooO scary D: that made me jump from my chair
M преди 4 дни
It scared
M преди 4 дни
I screamed
bittersweet преди 4 дни
i love the genuine shock when he listened to the noise
Miller Kids
Miller Kids преди 4 дни
The detailing on the beds, Wow... Wait why am I intrested in that?
katrina преди 4 дни
What neighborhood do I live in-
Iyad Naji
Iyad Naji преди 4 дни
8:23 i spilt my drink
Fares playZ
Fares playZ преди 4 дни
You should investigate fartherthendeath
CatMoose преди 5 дни
When I watch flamingos videos I feel like in going through this with him in real time im gonna start asking him stuff while watchinf I've realized this when we both were so scared when Claire jumpscared ima watch more of his scary videos
Blink Hunter
Blink Hunter преди 5 дни
This was an interesting "experience"
Blink Hunter
Blink Hunter преди 5 дни
When the vid first came out I watch it half way and got too scared 'cause it was late at night so I stopped and came back ro finish it 2 weeks later :)
zeb преди 6 дни
AppleJuiceObsession преди 6 дни
Is it just me getting omori vibes?
Sylvar Studios
Sylvar Studios преди 6 дни
4:15 scared me so much. I was on my iPad and I accidentally tapped the home button.
aleea lah 🗿
aleea lah 🗿 преди 6 дни
3:32 help this is so attack my heart
lol what
lol what преди 7 дни
the way albert goes to bed for the first time just made me jump
Zane gaming
Zane gaming преди 7 дни
0:05 0:06
Ñot Leiah
Ñot Leiah преди 8 дни
8:20 literally this scared me I had a heart attack I WASN'T READY😭
Landen LaFratte
Landen LaFratte преди 8 дни
Robux Robux Robux
Robloc Inc
Robloc Inc преди 8 дни
It Realy Jump Scared Me on The End It was so scary when hes wife lied dead there and when he sou the reflection of hes dad whit weird face 'AAAAAH'
Ashton Lange
Ashton Lange преди 8 дни
sina Sua
sina Sua преди 8 дни
David Adkins
David Adkins преди 8 дни
A theory: the black haired girl is dead already and that's why she woke up dead, flair divorced you and I guess kidnapping someone and killing them so they can't leave help with the pain of your wife leaving you. You see Clair with no eyes and with a messed up face because you see her as a monster for leaving you and her as a distant memory haunting you till you die. The dreams you have of the white house is you old house where you and Clair lived happily until you no ed to a quiet area. Also the boards on your door are a sign of "you shouldn't leave you house, you can't leave you house" you have removed your self from society and now are going insane with the thought of your wife... That's just a theory though!
David Adkins
David Adkins преди 8 дни
TheBouncingGypsy преди 9 дни
I found your adopt me and it is really fun
KashBD roblox and among us!
KashBD roblox and among us! преди 9 дни
I canged my mind already" im dying hahaha💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😂
H преди 9 дни
u can tell hes scared when he spits on himself
{Nature_ Moon}
{Nature_ Moon} преди 9 дни
So no, they are not the same person. The protagonist kidnapped and killed the girl with the black hair so he wouldn’t be alone when his wife left him. It’s callled Denial bc he was denying the fact that Claire left him. She wouldn’t come back, so he had to kill her. Idk why he killed the girl with the black hair even tho he killed Claire. ⚠️This is what I think happened! Idk if this is true or not!⚠️
Shayla Obrien
Shayla Obrien преди 9 дни
B R U H преди 10 дни
Albert, I think you need professional help.
Justanother Flamingoviewer
Justanother Flamingoviewer преди 10 дни
Yeah albert don’t upload more Albert quit upload more pls
Godzilla vs Kong
Godzilla vs Kong преди 10 дни
When I played this game I was wondering why the front door was boarded up
Nicolashanyt 건이 TV
Nicolashanyt 건이 TV преди 10 дни
The girl face in the denial ending looks like Albert screamingXD (srry Albert)
Avik Ghosh
Avik Ghosh преди 10 дни
☕🍋lemontea🍋☕ преди 10 дни
chuck loyd would be like:
•HøneyCombPøp• преди 11 дни
This kinda gives me Afton Family vibes xD But I have a conspiracy......the guy and the women are married and they had a lot of problems so they were getting a divorce, SO- the women either died of natural causes or he killed her then he felt guilty so in his sleep he dug up her grave and put her decaying body on her bed because the man couldn’t accept that she was dead so that’s why he go the denial ending...the man was also crazy like he belongs in a mental hospital........😄 S̆̈w̑̈ĕ̈ȇ̈t̆̈ D̑̈r̆̈ȇ̈ă̈m̑̈s̆̈!̑̈
M ThePlayer
M ThePlayer преди 11 дни
I almost throw My Phone
Alexis преди 11 дни
Play everlyn
Jacob Echeverry
Jacob Echeverry преди 11 дни
if you go to 7:30 it scared the crap out of me you should see it........O_O >_
jazzy random
jazzy random преди 11 дни
Love ur videos
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka преди 11 дни
Jesus Christ that ending is pretty disturbing
遠. преди 11 дни
tbh, I’ve been here on different accounts, IM NOT EVEN SURPRISED THAT HE DOES SOMETHING DISTURBING, it’s just- interesting, and funny.
Brantley Houston
Brantley Houston преди 12 дни
So I was going to play the game but if I did I would have screamed my lungs out.
Harmony Skiez
Harmony Skiez преди 12 дни
6:38 "w e l l.."
Molly Muendel
Molly Muendel преди 12 дни
ᴄᴏɴɪ преди 12 дни
I think what happened is that because of the divorce you told claire to come to your house to talk and you ended up killing her out of anger and then you continued but you couldn't bear it and you ended your life, and it was all part of your imagination
Alexandria Cannon
Alexandria Cannon преди 12 дни
Alberts face tho 2:21
Plushie Adventures Studios
Plushie Adventures Studios преди 12 дни
In my play through of the game in the cutscene here: 7:20 in the left side of the window I saw Clair looking at the camera I saw this a couple of weeks ago and I think her face looked quite mangled idk but I think the character murdered Clair due to her leaving them
heather montes
heather montes преди 12 дни
Online daters are annoying
Gamer Doggo
Gamer Doggo преди 12 дни
8:22 Bruh
Hailee Boeger
Hailee Boeger преди 13 дни
i do NOT get scared easly but 8:26 omg, i almoste shit my pants.
B Carp
B Carp преди 13 дни
When the jump scare happened I literally died. I am going to have nightmares forever
A IMPOSTER преди 13 дни
Remember the video Roblox Noobs got suspicious of me... the thumbnail had the same character and name Claire just saying sus
Spirit•Corn_Vibez преди 13 дни
[ emoelf _xxx ]
[ emoelf _xxx ] преди 13 дни
Sumon alberts crush with candles and uummmm idk
Epicness Gaming
Epicness Gaming преди 13 дни
Albert when he looks in mirror: oh I don’t like that I don’t like that! Albert when he looks in the mirror in rl: AAAAAAAAA
soldier преди 13 дни
🔴🔴🔴 this is worst emjoi death ever 🔴😵🔴 🔴🔴🔴
Tommy 3685
Tommy 3685 преди 13 дни
please make it a different thumbnail ;-;
dxonu_sunoo преди 13 дни
When i eat handle me: YUM
Dania 12
Dania 12 преди 13 дни
Daisy Albasite
Daisy Albasite преди 13 дни
He is a scardy cat lol
Bshdhsh Hdhsheuehehehe
Bshdhsh Hdhsheuehehehe преди 13 дни
I just saw a bug go inside the wall
moon lily
moon lily преди 14 дни
His screams make something not scary be scary
Simon Hill
Simon Hill преди 14 дни
I love this videa
this person
this person преди 14 дни
8:21 I was in the process of drinking my tea and I almost choked on it, I was not expecting that
K-GhidorahYT преди 14 дни
me: hey this looks fun jumpscare happens: *soul leaves body* well that was naissuhh IM COMIN GRANDMAAA
Ymir The Founder
Ymir The Founder преди 14 дни
that ending made me drop my ipad
GamingWithArda преди 14 дни
Why do I get like 5 ad's every single time I watch flamingo
꧁༺SADLYLORD༻꧂ преди 14 дни
Lol i like flamingo scream lol AGHHMHHHHHHH
LucklessZEDN: /
LucklessZEDN: / преди 14 дни
The idea for paradise life: put a teleporter on a bed so that whenever someone tries to sleep they get taken to a dream area with clouds and unicorns then slowly make it the worst nightmare they will ever have. Like so Albert can see Copy and paste this so Albert can see. credit: Domenico Florentio
Nathalie Donelson
Nathalie Donelson преди 13 дни
Sir/Maam/Mx, I am not sure if you are aware, but, flamingo already said he wouldn't do it because it was to complicated.
sans. last breath
sans. last breath преди 14 дни
“ive done something disturbing in roblox..” new fans: hmmmmmm ok when they finish: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help me ahhhhhh this is so disturbing i am leaving older fans: hm idc let me see
a noob guY
a noob guY преди 14 дни
i need hide in home mmm IS NOT SCAMMING
Nobody преди 15 дни
D4yDr3am Gaming
D4yDr3am Gaming преди 15 дни
That jumps are near the end scared me so bad
princessduckiepeach yes
princessduckiepeach yes преди 15 дни
Anish Setia
Anish Setia преди 15 дни
Albert: I've done something disturbing in roblox... Newer fans who haven't seen the og vids: oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no The people who have seen the og vids: *shrugs* just a normal Tuesday
Coco B
Coco B преди 15 дни
*scary intro* flamingo:annnnn severance
Katz Kittenz Klub
Katz Kittenz Klub преди 15 дни
I love how when he jumps he grabs his head.
Malkya Madzo
Malkya Madzo преди 15 дни
I love to see you scared
xn3k0x преди 15 дни
my breath is heavy, im dizzy, my heart is hurting and im shaking. That was the best jumpscare i've had in a while
Gaming Noah
Gaming Noah преди 13 дни
I think you just had a heart attack
ItsPrince Playz
ItsPrince Playz преди 15 дни
kiincognito преди 15 дни
at 1:23 he sounded like that one guy from tiktok
yessirツ #6205
yessirツ #6205 преди 15 дни
HeyItsZako преди 16 дни
alberttttttttttttttttttttttt use vpn and then upload the video! THEYVE BANNED UR IP
blong vue
blong vue преди 16 дни
Wow the jumps are tho
Luigi преди 16 дни
Suicuniculate преди 16 дни
For the people who are hiding in the comments: Here are the jumpscare timestamps! 0:45 Loud sound effect and albert screaming 2:28 Person behind albert (main character) 3:00 Door opening sound effect 3:23 spooky wife 3:31 Creepy face in the mirror reflection 4:15 oh look its my dead wife 4:55 Dead wife jumpscare 5:21 come sit down dead wife 7:22 DENIAL ENDING also dead rotting body 8:22 JUMPSCARE!! VERY SCARY
Roblox get a snack at 4AM...
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